Political Science PhD candidate focusing on American institutions


Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science
studying American institutions, Congress & interest groups

Photo of Zander Furnas | Photo credit:  www.GAUPERphoto.com .

Photo of Zander Furnas | Photo credit: www.GAUPERphoto.com.



I'm a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at the University of Michigan in American Politics (major subfield) and Quantitative Methods (minor Subfield). I specialize in the role of information and expertise in the United States Congress. My dissertation examines the conditions under which Congress uses privately provisioned information produced by outside organizations in the policymaking process. More generally, I study Congress, interest groups, policy making and elite political behavior using survey, text analysis and network methods. I also have ongoing research projects on congressional staff capacity, interest group ideal point estimation, lobbying firms, and text reuse detection. 

Prior to attending the University of Michigan, I was a research fellow at the Sunlight Foundation, and received a M.Sc. with honors in the social science of the internet at the Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford. I received a B.A. with high honors from the College of Social Studies at Wesleyan University.